Da Nang museum launches multilingual voice-over system
Update: Jan 11, 2019
The Da Nang museum held a press conference on January 8 to launch its very own multilingual voice-over system for mobile applications, the data bank for Da Nang’s cultural heritages and tourism identification manual for Da Nang museum.

The multilingual voice-over system on mobile will help visitors gain insights into the museum’s information by using smartphones to scan QR Codes attached to the labels of artefacts. The system can support several visitors at a time.
The launch of the data bank for Da Nang cultural heritages has been an urgent requirement of the city as it aims to promote the use of information technology in collecting, preserving, and conserving the city’s cultural heritages.
Through the system, the museum can introduce the public to all manner of intangible and tangible aspects of Da Nang’s cultural heritages and the country in general.
At present, Da Nang’s data bank system has preserved over 3, 300 documents regarding the city’s cultural heritages. It will officially open to the public on Tuesday and Thursday every week.
Huynh Duc Trung, head of the Travel Management Office of the Danang Tourism Department, said the launch of the multilingual voice-over system will contribute to spreading knowledge about the Dien Hai citadel, as well as other historic relics found in Da Nang city.