New Year celebration of ethnic Mong people promoted in capital
Update: Jan 14, 2019
Hanoians will soon get a chance to experience ethnic Mong people’s traditional New Year dances and games.

The programme Xyoo Tshiab Nram Nroog (The Mong’s New Year Celebrated in the City) will take place on January 13 at the Ha Noi University of Culture.
The annual event has been organised by the Action for Mong Development group and partners to promote the unique culture of the Mong.
It also provides a chance for Mong people living far from home to enjoy their traditional celebrations and to preserve their culture, according to Ma A Lau, member of the organising board.
Various activities will take place including music performances, dancing, game and a fair where goods and specialties of the Mong will be sold.
Participants will have a chance to try on traditional costumes of the Mong as well as enjoy delicious food such as banh day (packed sticky rice with meat or bean fillings wrapped in banana leaves) and men men (steamed minced maize).
A cultural space of the Mong will feature music from pan pipe, bamboo flute and Jew’s harp.
Unlike the Lunar New Year of the Kinh majority which falls on the first day of the first lunar month, the New Year’s Eve of the Mong falls on the first day of the last lunar month. The celebration is to express gratitude to ancestors and gods.
The Mong is one of the largest ethnic groups in Vietnam. They live mostly in the mountainous regions in the northern provinces of Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Son La, and in the north-central and Central Highlands provinces of Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Gia Lai and Kon Tum.
There are various Mong groups, such as white Mong, black Mong and flower Mong. Though they are different from the costumes and languages, the Mong nationwide have some common cultural traits, such as their New Year celebration.