Asia Food and Beverage Summit to promote Vietnamese cuisine
Update: Dec 10, 2019
The Asia Food and Beverage Summit and related activities will be held on March 5, 2020 to welcome Viet Nam’s ASEAN chairmanship, according to the Viet Nam Cuisine Culture Association (VCCA) and the Restaurant Association of Viet Nam (RAV).

At the press brief to announce the event. (Photo:

The event will focus on major issues in the food and beverage (F&B) sector, including development trends, effective business models, the standardisation and development of the chain, and the application of technology in the sector.

Within the event’ framework, an international exhibition will be held with the participation of more than 30 R&B suppliers from across Asia, a business connection event and a ceremony honouring excellent restaurants.

According to RAV President Chu Hong Minh, Viet Nam has received Asia’s top culinary destination award in 2019 and a nomination for the top global culinary destination. He noted that the Vietnamese culinary sector has seen progress over the years with higher quality of restaurants, coffee shops and food courts.

The Vietnamese F&B sector has drawn investment and many global business chains, he said, adding that this will help diversify the culinary sector.

He held that in order to optimise the potential of the sector, Viet Nam should create an ecosystem for R&B businesses and investors, while encouraging the exchange of culture and economy with regional countries.

Meanwhile, Le Tan, Vice President of the VCCA, said that the sector has high development potential with strong growth in recent years.

He stressed the need to connect F&B businesses and consumers as well as tourists, with restaurants and hotels, playing a key role in promoting Vietnamese culture and cuisine through high quality products and services.

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