Bao Loc silk fashion show performs in Nha Dai space
Update: Dec 19, 2019
More than 80 professional models, along with Hanoi’s contemporary dance group and 60 Da Lat girls, tell the story of Bao Loc silk in the traditional Nha Dai (long house) space of the Ma ethnic people, on the banks of the Xuan Huong Lake in Da Lat.
Bao Loc Silk Fashion Show 2018 on the banks of the Xuan Huong lake in Da Lat
As part of the main event series of the 8th Da Lat Flower Festival, at a press conference, on December 16, in Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, the organizing board of Da Lat Flower Festival and Vietnam Silk House Company introduced the Bao Loc Silk show and exhibition area for traditional trades.
Inspired by the typical flowers in Da Lat, 19 famous designers, such as Chula, Cao Minh Tien, Nhi Hoang, Thom Nguyen, Tim Tay, Huyen Nhung Nguyen, Ngoc Han, Genviet Jeans, Ha Duy and Minh Hanh, have created vivid collections with traditional silk material from 14 domestic silk manufacturers, which are mainly in the silk capital of Bao Loc, Lam Dong. The designs will be introduced to public during the Da Lat Flower Festival 2019; with two performances in the space of the traditional Nha Dai space on the banks of the Xuan Huong Lake - Da Lat on December 21, and on the banks of Dong Nai Lake, in the heart of Bao Loc City, on December 22.
Under the framework of the programme, from December 20 to January 2, 2020, in the Nha Dai space on the banks of Xuan Huong Lake, Da Lat, visitors can also visit and experience the story behind the mysterious silk outfits, that is the process of producing silk, with dozens of meticulous, precise sequences, from mulberry fields to glamorous patterns; listen to stories of Nha Dai culture and learn about labour tools of the Ma, Co Ho and Chu Ru ethnic groups in the Southern Central Highlands; experience the legendary gong rhythm; and learn about the pottery-making industry of the Chu Ru people as collected by the ethnologist Dinh Thi Nga.
Many spaces of flowers and miniatures on the banks of the Xuan Huong Lake, Da Lat
In addition, visitors are immersed in the moments of the lives of the three ethnic groups of Ma, Co Ho and Chu Ru, through sets of silk-screen art photos by photographer Nguyen Hoai Linh. Here, visitors can also meet artists and village elders.
With the theme of "Da Lat and Flower", the 8th Da Lat Flower Festival 2019, takes place in five days, from December 20 to 24, in the cities of Da Lat and Bao Loc, including 11 main programmes and dozens of sideline programmes. The cultural and tourist event aims to honour the values of flowers and floriculture and to promote the development of the tea and silk industry of the Southern Central Highlands.
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