Ninh Binh Bear Sanctuary offers interesting experiences to visitors
Update: Apr 08, 2021
Ninh Binh Bear Sanctuary is considered as an ideal destination for visitors who love animals and are interested in wild animals' welfare and protection in Vietnam.
Visitors observe bear's daily activities in the nature.
The sanctuary is situated inside the tree zone of the National Wild Animal Park in Ky Phu commune of mountainous Nho Quan district. It is about eight kilometers away from the entrance gate of Cuc Phuong National Park.
The Ninh Binh Bear Sanctuary has received and taken care of bears which are voluntarily handed over by private farms or seized from wild animal trading cases.
Activities offered to visitors in the sanctuary are based on the principles of respecting animals' welfare in combination with educational programmes to raise public awareness of wild animal conservation. 
The Ninh Binh Bear Sanctuary is designed in line with modern standards. It has four semi-wild areas covering a total of 22,000 sq.m, which are suitable to their natural living habits.
There are water ponds, steps and grass fields to provide natural conditions for bears to bath, play and sunbathe.
Visitors will have a chance to observe outdoor activities of bears from a 250-metre high railway, and to discover more about the bears through three separate huts.
The first hut, named "Hi, this is bear", consists of numerous books about eight species of bears in the world.
The first hut consists of numerous books about eight species of bears in the world.
The second hut called "One square metre world" tells various stories about the lives of captive bears, which have been raised for bile extracting. And more information about the process of bear rescuing is provided here.
The last one, named "Happy bears", provides real experiences for visitors to observe daily activities of bears.
Besides, the sanctuary also offfers other educational activities such as "Guiding children to make food for bear" and "How do you know about bears?".
The sanctuary opens free for all visitors from 9am to 5pm everyday. 
Visitors will have to pay money for their services like observation from a high-above railway, food and beverages or souvenirs. 
The money collected from the above activities will be reserved for rescuing and caring for bears at the sanctuary.
The development of tourism products inside the Ninh Binh Bear Sanctuary has showed the ceaseless efforts to put an end to bear farming, protect bears in the wild in Vietnam, and convey the message of wild animal conservation in the community.
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