Local tourist destinations strictly implement COVID-19 preventive measures
Update: May 05, 2021
During the Reunification Day (April 30) and May Day holidays, the number of tourist arrivals to the northern province of Ninh Binh rose sharply. In order to ensure safe destinations for tourists, local authorities strictly implemented COVID-19 preventive measures.
Tourists in Mua Cave
As planned, tens of thousands of visitors flocked to Ninh Binh during the four-day holidays. In recent times, most local hotels and lodging establishments were fully booked. Many destinations set up their own programmes and offered tourism products to meet the demand of visitors.
Hoang Thanh Phong, Director of Tam Coc - Bich Dong Management Board,  said amid complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, all staff members here have always raised their responsibility and vigilance against COVID-19. To deal with a sharp rise of tourist arrivals to Tam Coc, the management board has set 10 desks reversing for tourists to make health declarations, wear face masks, and sanitise their hands before going onboard boats. 
As for Lac Hong Ltd. Co, which manages Mua Cave, in addition to assigning more staff to check tourists' temperature and health declarations at the entrance gate, more personnel were asked to monitor and remind tourists to implement the 5K message of the Ministry of Health while spending their time at the site.
In the Cuc Phuong National Park, from April to June is the "special time" of Cuc Phuong forest, as the butterfly and firefly season attracts a larger number of tourist arrivals. Statistic showed that up to 3,500 visitors flocked to Cuc Phuong on the Reunification Day, a three-fold rise from a usual day.
The Management Board of the Cuc Phuong National Park had disinfected destinations and accommodations to welcome tourists. Right at the entrance gate of Cuc Phuong forest, the management board set up a station to check visitors' body temperature, guide them to make health declarations, and remind them to wear masks at crowded places.
Currently, the COVID-19 epidemic situation is developing complicatedly in many countries around the world. Thus, the tourism sector needs to strictly implement drastic measures to prevent the disease. 
In fact, most of citizens and tourists in Ninh Binh paid attention to strictly implementing the Prime Minister's directions on epidemic prevention and control; abiding by the 5K message of the Ministry of Health such as regularly wearing masks during the tour, regularly disinfecting hands, not gathering; keeping a safe distance, and making health declarations.
At the same time, the tourism sector has continued to work harder to promote interaction and attract visitors to the province while maintaining the criteria "Ninh Binh - a safe and friendly destination".
Ninh Binh Newspaper