Beautiful Vietnam highlighted in international photography awards
Update: May 10, 2021
Vietnamese photos capturing the daily life and culture of the Vietnamese people have won the Pink Lady Food Photography competition.
The photo "Breakfast at a rural market" by Nguyen Huu Thong. 
The competition was launched by the United Kingdom in 2011. This year, it received over 10,500 photos from 70 countries around the world across 25 categories.
The photo entitled “Bua sang o cho phien” (Breakfast at a rural market) by Nguyen Huu Thong won first prize in the “Food at the Table” category.
Meanwhile, the work “Thuong thuc” (Enjoying) by Tran Viet Van was honoured with first prize in the “Street Food” category.
The photo "Enjoying" by Tran Viet Van
Several other Vietnamese photos were also highlighted in terms of their artistic and aesthetic merit, such as: “Mua thu hoach vai thieu” (The litchi harvest season) and “Bua com mua dong” (Winter meal) by Nguyen Huu Thong and “Luoi ca” (Fish net) by Nguyen Phuoc Hoai.
The winning photos and those selected for the final will be displayed in Bristol from November 22 to December 22.
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