Golden rice fields in full bloom in Hòa Bình Province
Update: Jul 05, 2021
The northern province of Hòa Bình is well-known for its scenic landscapes, with primitive forests, magnificent caves, clear-water lakes and terraced rice fields all part of its beauty.  
Golden terraced rice fields in Miền Đồi Commune. VNA/VNS Photo Thanh Hải 
At present, farmers in the province are harvesting the winter-spring crop from their terraced fields. The golden fields, curving on the hillsides, create a stunningly picturesque landscape.
Among the terraced fields, those in Miền Đồi Commune, Lạc Sơn District are the most popular for amateur and professional photographers.
Generations of local Mường ethnic farmers have poured their sweat and tears into creating the impressive fields covering 400 hectares. The fields are the stable food supply for nearly 1,000 people in the region. For this year's winter-spring crop, the commune has planted 153 hectares of rice.
At 1,000m above sea level, the stunning scenery of golden rice fields is a popular tourism destination whenever travel is feasible.
However, the beautiful landscape, the ethnic Mường culture and the outstanding cuisine of Miền Đồi Commune have not been developed yet.
That’s why the provincial tourism sector has been working to create impressive tourist products as well as to promote the unique values of traditional ethnic culture.