Quang Nam tourism: Synchronous digital transformation
Update: Jul 13, 2021
The Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has just launched a programme of digital transformation in tourism by 2025.
My Son Sanctuary- a tourist attraction in Quang Nam
The programme aims at a synchronous and comprehensive digital transformation in tourism by 2025, developing a safe and convenient digital environment to maximize the management of state agencies, tourism businesses and tourists.
Quang Nam will focus on the development of a smart tourism ecosystem that is able to meet tourists’ demands; creating a connection between travel agencies, tourism businesses, and tourists; improving the competitiveness of Quang tourism; contributing to Quang Nam tourism growth.
In particular, in the period of 2021-2023, a smart tourism software will be put into operation, including a tourism portal; digital tourist maps; apps on mobile devices; feedback analysis system; data digitalization of tourism information, travel agencies, businesses providing tourism services, tourist sites in Quang Nam; a virtual tourism system on digital maps and VR360 technology for tourist attractions, and scenic relics managed by the State; doing the automatic voice-over among others.
In the period of 2023-2025, 100% of the data of tourism will be digitalized. The smart tourism software, virtual tourism system on digital maps and VR360 technology will be upgraded, meeting visitors’ demands.
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