Tourism selected in the list of 10 outstanding economic events in 2021 by Tuoi Tre Newspaper
Update: Dec 31, 2021
(TITC) - According to news from Tuoi Tre Newspaper, in order to review the imprints of Vietnam's economy, Tuoi Tre Newspaper and experts have voted for 10 outstanding economic events in 2021, of which the tourism with event welcoming international tourists again.

Accordingly, the Government's approval and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s guidelines of the roadmap to reopen international tourism helping businesses start to welcome international tourists again from November 2021.

The first international tourist groups have arrived to the localities of Vietnam, namely Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa Province), Phu Quoc (Kien Giang Province), and Quang Nam Province after nearly 2 years of frozen due to the pandemic. This event marks a new step in the effort to revive the tourism industry.

Recently, the Government has agreed to resume regular international commercial flights starting January 1, 2022. This is very good news to continue to propose to expand the program to welcome international tourists to Vietnam in the near future.

Other top 10 outstanding economic landmarks voted by Tuoi Tre Newspaper are (1) Determining the goal of Vietnam "turning into a dragon" by 2045; (2) “Revival milestone 128”; (3) GDP growth is positive despite the pandemic; (4) Production in the style of “wartime”; (5) Billion-dollar "eagles" still come to Vietnam during the pandemic; (6) Land price auction record; (7) Cashless payment skyrocketed; (8) The stock market boomed; (9) Vinfast launched two electric car models in the US, competing with famous car manufacturers.

Set of criteria to evaluate the top 10 events by Tuoi Tre Newspaper: this is a new event of the year, highly searched on Google; National events that affect large numbers of the public; Creating international resonance, raising Vietnam's position; Contributing to policy change and people's income; Creating a change in the development of an important industry...