Culture-tourism village offers cheerful spring celebrations to visitors
Update: Jan 06, 2022
The Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Hanoi is hosting a programme entitled ‘Scent of spring in mountainous region’ from January 1 to 31, introducing visitors to the traditional spring festivals and customs of Vietnamese ethnic groups.

Signature dishes of ethnic people are being served at the village (Photo:

The programme gathers the participation of 100 ethnic people from 13 groups from across the country, including Nung, Tay, H’mong, Ta Oi, Bahnar, Xo Dang, and Khmer.

Visitors to the village can enjoy the re-enactment of Han Khuong traditional ritual of the Thai ethnic community in Son La Province, explore the craft of brocade weaving, and join joyful Xoe folk dances and bamboo pole dances.

They are also entertained with performances of gongs, Then singing, and various folklore art forms.

In addition, visitors can try their hands at making traditional cakes and take part in exciting folk games such as ‘con’ (fabric cloth ball) throwing, stilt-walking, and tug of war.

Signature dishes of ethnic people are being served at the village, including five-coloured sticky rice, chicken with bamboo shoots, and grilled fish, among others.

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