Thua Thien Hue: Effective promotion of tourist destinations
Update: Jan 26, 2022
Endorsement, the form of marketing involves getting celebrities to visit, stay, “review” their experience and evaluate services, etc., is effectively bringing destinations’ images to visitors.

The influence of the visit to Hue of Mr. Park Hang-seo, Coach of the Vietnamese football team, is immense

Reaching far and wide

Recently released on YouTube and social media platforms, the 8th episode of the "Quang Vinh Retreat" series, featuring two artists Quang Vinh and Trung Quan at Azerai La Residence of Hue, has quickly received hundreds of thousands of views, comments and shares.

Aside from the duet performed by the singers, the video also features the hotel in details, including the exclusive and high-class experiences of Azerai La Residence, a popular choice of many famous politicians around the world when they come to Hue.

Many commenters were surprised by the hotel located in the center of Hue City, bearing a unique and luxurious French architecture, and had expressed interest in visiting Hue in the near future.

A week earlier, the 7th episode of the series had the “Nightingale Prince” Quang Vinh’s visit toanother familiar sight, the Laguna Lang Co Resort.

He especially loved the dreamy resort paradise leaning on the majestic Truong Son (Annamite Range) with a direct view of the blue East Sea. In the middle of the valley surrounded by the sea and hills, there are top-class services as well as top-notch amenities. It can be said that it is one of the most beautiful places in the Central region.

Quang Vinh, the singer, is also one of the most famous travel bloggers in Vietnam. After the two episodes about Hue, he shared that he was very fond of traveling and had the “itchy feet”. He wanted to share his passion, as well as introducing noteworthy destinations to people with similar interests. When he came to Hue, he seemed to have found a place to rest, and found his own life value.

In 2020, the famous singer had also done another series, “Quang Vinh đi Việt Nam” (Quang Vinh going along Vietnam), wherein he promotes his trip to Hue: “You will see a Hue with not more than just temples and mausoleums, but full of different and unique experiences. Stopping at Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion; Relaxing in the clean and humble space to recover health and energy after long trips; Visiting Tam Giang lagoon, Le Ba Dang Memorial and try making famous mussel rice. Let’s discover a different ancient capital of Hue with Vinh!”.
The representative of Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion informed that the promotion was highly effective. Introduced by the singer, tourists from all over the country had contacted the resort for booking. Unfortunately, the pandemic situation in the past year had greatly affected the travel of tourists. Hopefully when the new normal comes, more guests will choose Alba.

More and more promotion

According to tourism marketers, today's tourists' tastes have gradually changed. They love practical experiences, watching vlogs to discover and learn even more. Singers and celebrities are the ones who have the opportunity to travel to many places, with professional content production crews and a large supportive audience. It’s a good opportunity for them to maintain their image, their connection with the audience and the destination is also promoted more effectively.

According to Ms. Tran Thi Hoang Yen, Sales Manager of Azerai La Residence Hotel, this is actually a form of promotion that has been done for a while. The hotel has usually been cooperating with celebrities of the world to attract its main target segment: international guests.

The orientation of the market has now changed due to the pandemic. The role of domestic guests is estimated to recover quickly, thus the hotel has shifted to collaborate with domestic celebrities, and the result has proven its effectiveness. Another benefit is that it does not incur too much of advertising costs.

Mr. Truong Thanh Minh, Director of Hue Tourism Information and Promotion Center, said that over the years, the Center has worked with many famous domestic and foreign bloggers. Endorsing is gradually being identified as an important promotion channel, especially with the constant developing of social networks and digital technology. Currently, the tourism industry is in the early days of implementing a recovery plan for the new normal state. In the near future, Hue will, through several famous and influential people, focus on promoting the message of "Hue - Safe and friendly destination", and the two brand names "Hue - Capital of Ao Dai", "Hue - Culinary Capital".

On the topic of celebrity endorsement, after becoming a Tourism and Health ambassador of the world-famous travel agency Luxperia Collective (specializing in healthcare tourism), John Huy, a famous dancer, had also made a trip to Hue to experience services at several destinations, hotels and shared some of the best healthcare options for Vietnam domestic travelers.

Choosing Hue as the first destination in the journey of John Huy shows the appreciation of the Luxperia Collective travel agency for the ability to attract customers to the healthcare tourism product line of the Ancient capital. Hue tourism industry needs to grasp and focus on perfecting and upgrading this product line to improve its ability to attract visitors in the new normal state.

Story and photo: Quang Sang

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