Digital transformation promotes Hanoi’s relic sites to visitors
Update: Mar 04, 2022
The Hanoi Municipal Youth Union has officially launched a project to apply digital transformation in the promotion of famous relic sites in the capital city via website

The digital transformation project will promote famous relic sites in Hanoi to visitors, especially young people. (Photo: hanoimoi)

Accordingly, the youth union members recorded the panorama of five historical and cultural relic sites and red addresses in Son Tay Town including Son Tay Ancient Citadel, Duong Lam Ancient Village’s gate, the tomb and temple of King Ngo Quyen, Van Mieu Son Tay (the Temple of Literature in Son Tay), and Mong Phu Communal House in Duong Lam Commune.

Their images were put into virtual space using virtual reality and 360 multi-dimensional image application technologies.

Notably, artificial intelligence technology (AI) was applied to introduce the relic sites in both Vietnamese and English. Integrated with social networking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Zalo, QR codes have been attached at relic sites to ensure their popularity and convenience among visitors.

According to survey, visitors, especially young people, have been very interesting in the new method of exploring the relic sites in Son Tay Town.

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