Vietnam sees sharp increase in foreign arrivals over six-month period
Update: Jun 30, 2022
The number of foreign visitors arriving in the nation reached roughly 602,000 during the initial six months of the year, a figure 6.8 times higher compared to the same period from last year.

Asian tourists remained the country’s primary market with 392,100 arrivals.

Previously, according to the latest report compiled by the World Economic Forum, the nation’s tourism industry development capacity index was among the three countries with the highest increase in the world.

The WEF’s report outlined that the country boasted the world’s highest score increase with a rise of 4.7% in terms of ranking and an increase of eight places compared to 2019, climbing from 60th position to 52nd.

According to details given by the WEF, the country's improved rankings come as a result of its achievements in COVID-19 prevention, measures of safe, and flexible adaptation to the pandemic, as well as its sustained efforts to develop safe tourism.


VOV - - June 29, 2022