Hanoi International Film Festival 2022 to take place in November
Update: Jul 20, 2022
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has approved plans to organise the 6th Hanoi International Film Festival (HANIFF), which is scheduled to take place in Hanoi in mid-November.
The 6th Hanoi International Film Festival will be held at the National Cinema Centre. (Photo: NDO)
The biennial festival aims to honour outstanding international and Vietnamese cinematographic works with high artistic value, rich in humanity and creativity.
The film festival also aims to encourage new talents in international and Vietnamese cinema while promoting cooperation among filmmakers, delegates, and guests for the development of cinema.
The event is also an opportunity to introduce the unique works of worldwide cinema industries to Vietnamese and international viewers.
With the slogan of "Cinema-Humanity, Adaptation, and Development", the 6th Hanoi International Film Festival is expected to attract the attention of citizens in the capital city and the whole country to the cinema, creating new vitality and motivation for the development of Vietnam's film industry.
The festival will also offer an opportunity for Vietnamese cinema to integrate into the international film market as well as make significant contributions to promoting the image of a safe, friendly, peaceful, hospitable, integrated and developing country, thereby positioning the brand of Vietnam in artistic creation towards sustainable socio-cultural development.
The film festival is scheduled from November 8-12 in Hanoi, with main activities such as the screening of both competition and non-competition films and the contemporary film programme.
In addition, useful seminars such as "The highlight of the Republic of Korea’s Cinema" and "Production, distribution and dissemination of films overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic", and an exhibition introducing filming scenes at relic sites and cultural heritages in Hanoi will be held during the festival.
On the sidelines of the film festival, viewers and filmmakers can participate in various other activities including a film project market, outdoor screenings of films, exchanges with movie stars, and the screenings of films for press agencies.
Nhan dan online - en.nhandan.vn - July 20, 2022