Phu Tho: Thanh Thuy makes a breakthrough in tourism and service development
Update: Jul 28, 2022
Thanh Thuy district - a potential land favored by nature with the advantages of natural conditions and people, along with cultural values, especially hot mineral water streams, has created for Thanh Thuy its own unique features in terms of spiritual and ecological culture.
Nowadays, Thanh Thuy has eight units running resort, entertainment and eco-tourism services with effective operations such as: Dao Ngoc Xanh (Green Pearl Island) Tourist Area, King Garden Resort & Villas, Bamboo Resort, Tre Nguon Resort … With an area of ​​​​nearly 65 hectares, Green Pearl Island impresses visitors with a rich and attractive eco-tourism complex including a system of amusement parks, water parks, resorts, physiotherapy center, and restaurants providing diverse cuisine, which on average welcome about 3,000 guests per day. The highlight of Green Pearl Island in this summer is the launch of a wave pool integrated in a water park complex with an area of ​​​​over 1,300m2, which makes visitors feel like they are immersed in the space of the sea, listening to the sound of waves crashing on the shore and enjoying “vitamin Sea” right in the midland of Phu Tho.
In parallel with resort tourism, the district has also been building and implementing the community tourism model associated with conservation and promotion of cultural values ​​of the Muong people in Tu Vu commune, causing singing and dancing clubs of the Muong people to do performances for tourists at a number of tourist attractions in the district and at the same time developing tourism products associated with traditional craft villages such as: Bo Village Soy Sauce, Phuong Vien Flower and Ba Dong Knitting.
With 36 historical and cultural relics imbued with unique and ancient features, including five national monuments, Thanh Thuy has become a very attractive destination for spiritual tourism. In order for tourists to have a full journey of travelling, visiting, relaxing and experiencing, Thanh Thuy district has formed three tourist spaces, including: Region I, in the north of the district, is a cultural - spiritual traditional festival tourist area, including the following tourist attractions: Ha Bi Trung national historical site, in Xuan Loc commune, President Ho Chi Minh"s memorial area on Bach Thach hill, Tam Cong temple’s boating contest in Dao Xa commune, Ngoc Son temple and International temple in Thach Dong commune, together with one traditional craft village product - Bo village soy sauce. Region II in the district center is an eco-tourism and culinary resort, with the following attractions: “Flower Tree” grabbing festival at La Phu communal house, Green Pearl Island tourist area, Thanh Lam, Tre Nguon resorts, Ba Dong traditional knitting craft villages in Hoang Xa commune. There tourists may also enjoy the local special dishes such as rock mountain goat, Da river fish, hilly chicken in Thanh Thuy and Hoang Xa towns. Region III, in the south of the district, is a cultural, spiritual and traditional education eco-tourism area.
Coming to Thanh Thuy, visitors can also enjoy unique rustic cuisine with famous specialties that have come into folk songs transmitted throughout the region such as: “Mai Mieu Tea, Son Vi hubble-bubble, Ha Bi alcohol, Bo village soy sauce”, Dao Xa honey rice cake, Vu village Gai cake, Dao village Nang cake. Currently, in Thanh Thuy district, there are seven restaurants that are qualified to serve tourists, where each on average can serve about 500-600 people. Many restaurants have skillfully processed local products into high-class specialty dishes to be served in all four seasons such as: “Rock mountain goat, Da river fish”. The district has also deployed to display, introduce and sell typical products, OCOP standard products, typical rural industrial products of the district and province in two tourist areas: LIMINA Plaza Supermarket and Green Pearl Island Tourist Area to satisfy the tourists’ shopping needs.
Mr. Vu Duc Kien - Head of the District Information and Culture Department said: “In the first six months of the year, the district received about 150,000 tourists coming for sightseeing and relaxing, bringing a revenue of VND 120 billion. Especially, in this September, the district will organize Thanh Thuy tourism week, with the highlight being the walking space in Thanh Thuy town combined with culinary culture for the locals and visitors to experience when setting foot in this “charming” countryside.
Thu Huong
Phu Tho Newspaper - - July 23, 2022