CNN: Hanoi among best places to visit this autumn
Update: Aug 25, 2022
News outlet CNN has listed Hanoi among the top 12 best places to go globally this autumn.

Hanoi is listed among best places to visit this autumn

According to details given by CNN, autumn in the capital is drier and cooler due to the end of the monsoon season.

Along with the wonderful weather on offer, the media channel also revealed that Hanoi has plenty of unique dishes to keep foodies satiated.

“Cha ca (fish cooked with turmeric and dill) is so popular a street was named after the dish. Hanoi-style banh tom (shrimp cakes) is another must-try,” says CNN.

It also suggested that visitors enjoy a wander around the city's famous Old Quarter which boasts historical streets and shops trading in jewelry, fabrics, and flowers, or alternatively take a tour of the area and beyond on motorcycles.

“On the outskirts of Hanoi and far from tourists is Dong Ngac, a ‘village of scholars’ that has barely changed in centuries,” the website notes.

Other places that included in CNN’s top 12 list include Mexico, Madrid, Egypt, Cape Town, Hawaii, the Pacific island of Samoa, Greenville in the United States, US-Canada Atlantic cruises, Bavaria in Germany, Buenos Aires in Argentina, and the Azores in Portugal.

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