Plans for Hue Festival 2023 to be published in October
Update: Oct 26, 2022
According to Hue Festival Center, the permanent organizer of Hue Festival, the plan to organize Hue Festival 2023 is being discussed by agencies, departments and experts and is expected to be finalized and published this October.

Artist Hoang Rob has performed at many seasons of Hue Festivals. Photo: N.H

Hue Festival 2023 is a continuation of the Four Seasons Festival 2022, with new adjustments and additions to be more suitable for new situations and for tourism promotion.

Accordingly, Hue Festival 2023 will include festivals taking place all year round across the four seasons of the year. The highlight of Hue Festival 2023 will be the week of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2023, which is expected to be held in the summer of next year.

By Duc Quang

Hue News - - Oct 25, 2022