Applying 4.0 technology to develop smart tourism in Dong Thap Province
Update: Feb 14, 2023
On February 8, 2023, the Provincial People's Committee issued a Plan to implement the Project on Technology Application of Industry 4.0 to develop smart tourism, promoting Dong Thap tourism to become an important economic sector in the period of 2023 - 2025, with orientation to 2030.

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The plan sets out specific goals by 2025, to develop an ecosystem of smart tourism to ensure consistency and synchronization in smart city development, and to promote the application of artificial intelligence; complete the existing technology application platform to serve tourists, the business community and state management agencies in charge of tourism; integrating utility applications to support tourists and tourism related subjects; building and perfecting products that apply technology of industry 4.0 to enhance the experience and match the consumption behavior of tourists, etc.

Orientation to 2030, it is to develop smart tourism to meet the requirements and goals of sustainable development, contributing to making Dong Thap tourism an attractive destination in the Mekong Delta region, truly becoming important economic sector of the province; Forming a smart and synchronous tourism ecosystem on the basis of approaching advanced technologies; Expanding smart tourism development to key tourist areas of the province, contributing to the formation of smart urban chains throughout the province.

In order to achieve the goals in the Plan, many tasks and solutions are proposed, in which focus on developing and expanding the database system of the tourism industry to ensure synchronization, connection and interoperability from the central to the national level and localities; standardization of data, identification system associated with managed objects; Tourism industry database system should be built to meet industry management.

Promote the application of digital technology to support tourists, develop application groups, such as: Apps to support tourists; Apps to support state management of tourism; supporting Apps of smart destination management; supporting Apps of intelligent business management.

Besides, it is to ensure the access to information of businesses, people and tourists when applying technology in the field of tourism; build a friendly tourism environment, civilized behavior, observance of the provisions of law at the tourist destination; improve the efficiency of tourism destination management, develop smart tourist destinations, manage electronic accommodation activities; for connecting and sharing data with digital platforms supporting tourism activities such as the application "Vietnam Tourism - Vietnam Travel", the platform "Tourism Business Administration"; strengthening training and fostering knowledge and skills to operate using information systems in smart tourism management, skills in statistics, data synthesis and analysis, e-government, digital government, digital transformation, smart tourism development, exploitation and use of specialized information systems for officials, civil servants and public employees in the tourism industry to be ready to adapt to work in the digital environment, etc.

Translated by Giang Nguyen

Dong Thap Portal - - February 11, 2023