Quang Tri launches first free night tour to historical sites
Update: Mar 08, 2023
The first free night tour to historical sites throughout the central province of Quang Tri has opened for 42 tourists, including a group of Laotian students and people from other localities.

Visitors release floating lanterns to pay tribute to the dead. (Photo: Congluan.vn)

The first stop of the tour was at Quang Tri Citadel where visitors participated in a requiem aimed at commemorating and paying tribute to fallen soldiers who died in Quang Tri Province during the resistance war against the United States.

Visitors spent time listening to stories from the fierce 81-day-and-night battle of the anti-American War during the summer of 1972.

Tourists were then guided to the Thach Han River which lies just 500 metres from the citadel. Visitors were then able to take boat tours in order to release floating lanterns and flower banquets to pay tribute to the dead.

They walked along the river bank where they sampled local foods and purchased some local specialties and souvenirs before concluding the night tour. 

Nguyen Van Ha, vice chairman of the Quang Tri Tourism Association, said the night tour would bring a wonderful experience and create unforgettable memories for tourists, while simultaneously helping them to promote local tourism images via new products.

VOV - english.vov.vn - March 7, 2023