Turn Phu Yen into a green, clean, and beautiful destination
Update: Oct 13, 2023
Environmental protection in the province has seen many positive changes; the urban landscape and rural appearance have improved. Departments, branches, and localities are currently working to implement the province's environmental action plans and programs in order to make Phu Yen a green, clean, beautiful, and environmentally friendly destination by 2025.

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Over the years, the Provincial Party Committee (PPC), as well as all levels of party committees, authorities, and unions, have given priority to leading and directing the implementation of several environmental preservation initiatives and policies. Many constructions and projects to improve the environment have been implemented, bringing practical effects. Environmental issues such as air, surface water, groundwater, waste, etc. are basically well controlled.

Focusing on environmental protection, the People's Committee of Tay Hoa district has mobilized extensively in the community, built models, and mobilized people to actively participate in environmental protection activities such as maintaining the living environment, streets, residential areas, and planting and caring for trees. The district also builds and maintains models of flower and green roads in rural areas, forms self-governing residential areas for environmental sanitation and tree care, and classifies domestic solid waste at the source. Associations and unions maintain and develop movements to join hands to protect the green, clean, and beautiful environment, contributing to the construction of new rural areas. As a consequence, many of the district's roads, neighborhoods, and public spaces have been planted with numerous trees, flower gardens, and lawns, resulting in green, tidy, and lovely landscapes.

“Up to now, the amount of daily waste throughout Tay Hoa district has been collected at about 95% and treated in accordance with regulations. The locality is focusing on controlling, preventing, and minimizing environmental pollution, effectively using natural resources, gradually increasing the rate of reuse and regeneration of resources in a closed loop, minimizing the generation of waste, and harmoniously linking socio-eco development with environmental protection", Comrade Mai Ne, Tay Hoa District People's Committee Vice Chairman, emphasized.

After 2 years of implementing the Provincial Party Committee's action program and the PPC's plan on strengthening environmental protection, striving to build Phú Yên province into a green, clean, beautiful, and environmentally friendly destination, the province achieved some initial results. The Phú Yên Green Scheme has been implemented effectively, especially the activities of segregating waste at source, recycling organic waste to create some useful biological products, minimizing the use of disposable plastic waste, and expanding many models of segregating waste into schools. Localities well implement the project of planting 15 million trees in Phú Yên province in the period 2021–2025. The province has strengthened the attraction of resources from international organizations in environmental protection, gradually improved infrastructure, strengthened the use of green space in planning, and expanded the model eco-villages in rural areas.

Comrade Nguyen Thai Hoa, Department of Natural Resources and Environment Deputy Director, said: In the past time, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has coordinated to implement many models of environmental protection in the province to bring high efficiency. Phú Yên is currently continuing to build and implement models and simultaneously encourage investment in domestic solid waste treatment projects with advanced technology to solve overcrowding at landfills, minimize environmental pollution, and reduce pressure in the management and treatment of domestic waste in the province. The province also encourages organizations and individuals to participate in scientific and technological research in the areas of environmental protection, technology transfer for waste treatment, clean production, energy savings, eco-friendliness, and green economic development models. 

Translated by Hai Loan

Phu Yen News - baophuyen.vn - October 10, 2023