Phu Yen: Da Dia reef to become an attractive tourist destination nationwide
Update: Dec 18, 2023
Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has recently approved the task of formulating a plan to preserve, repair and restore the special national relic of Da Dia reef into a nationwide attractive tourist destination. This will promote unique values of Da Dia reef, encouraging the development of Phu Yen tourism.

The photo "map of Vietnam" being taken from Da Dia reef special national relic

Da Dia reef is formed by black hexagonal stone pillars which stacked on top of each other like giant pile of plates. The rock formations are cracked in vertical and circular veins, forming vertical or inclined columns right next to the sea, creating the unique and attractive feature of this scenic spot.

Unique geological value

Geological research results show that rocks in Da Dia reef are basalt rocks formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.

Lava from the volcano flowed out into the sea, being frozen when encountering cold seawater and cracked along vertical and horizontal veins, creating stone pillars standing tightly together, half submerged in the water and half floating on the shore, forming the unique Da Dia reef in Vietnam and a few similar reefs in the world.

Da Dia reef (in An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, about 40km north of Tuy Hoa city center) is about 50m wide and stretches more than 200m long (more area is being revealed), is a natural scenic spot with interesting landscape and unique geology in Vietnam.

From above, visitors will see the reef jutting out into the sea. Rocks near the water's edge are pitch black with small holes on the surface due to being affected by sea water. This is compared to the structural cells of a honeycomb, and entire whole area is a giant magnificent beehive.

In particular, numerous photographers across the country come to Da Dia reef  to work. Photographer Huynh Le Vien Duy, member of Phu Yen Literature and Arts Association,  member of Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists, recorded a "lifetime" photo of Da Dia reef, with an S-like shape like Vietnam map.

The special national relic of Da Dia reef does not only possess geological value but also numerous cultural and historical values... "Da Dia reef is a key and unique tourist destination of Phu Yen. Almost tourists coming to Phu Yen have to come here once", said Mr. Cao Hong Nguyen, Head of the Tourism Management Department (Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism).

Planning attractive tourist destination nationwide

The decision approving the task of formulating a plan to preserve, repair and restore Da Dia reef special national relic, signed by Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha on December 4th, has specific implementation contents; simultaneously, the PPC - the management agency of the planning and Phu Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism - the investor, are assigned to carry out this task within 24 months from the date of signing.

Accordingly, the planning scope is nearly 809ha (not including the protected area of Da Dia reef special national relic).

The planning object includes the entire Da Dia reef special national relic and the surrounding natural landscape, environment and ecology.

The planning objective is to fully identify the value and preserve the unique geological values of Da Dia Reef scenic spot; protecting water surface resources, biodiversity, geology, geomorphology and cultural heritage of communities in the region; completing the system of records and data as a basis for digital transformation and automation in managing, protecting and promoting the value of relics.

The planning aims to promote the value of Da Dia reef into an attractive tourist destination of Phu Yen province, the South Central region and the whole country; connecting with other historical-cultural relics and scenic spots in the locality, forming a tourism product chain, combining protection and environmental protection, contributing to the local socio-econo development and raising awareness and responsibility of the community in preserving the unique values of landscapes and traditional cultural heritages in the region. Simultaneously, the planning will determine the boundaries as a legal basis for relic management and protection; being the legal basis to attract investment resources.

According to Dr Pham Trung Luong (Tourism Development Research Institute), Da Dia reef special national relic has great, precious, diverse and unique value. The Government's approval of the planning task is very important for the development of Phu Yen's tourism industry.

Comrade Dao My, PPC Vice Chairman, expressed his joy when the Deputy Prime Minister approved the task of planning Da Dia reef. The province also issues a policy of investing in a project to plan, renovate and embellish this special national relic before to effectively promote the potential, value and effectively protect the relic.

The task of planning Da Dia reef special national relic is required to be implemented within 24 months by the Government. The province will direct agencies, units and localities to deploy and complete it early to promote the value of the relic, contributing to promoting local econo development.

“Da Dia reef is a landscape of special value to the province and Vietnam, an ideal place for people and tourists to visit and enjoy. In the past time, this relic has not been invested in proportion to its potential and advantages; its value has not been effectively promoted compared to the incentives that nature bestows on Phu Yen.

Therefore, this planning task approved by the Government is very important and meaningful, the province will direct its urgent implementation", said PPC Vice Chairman Dao My.

Translated by Khuong Thao

Phu Yen News - - December 18, 2023