Binh Thuan: Phu Quy Island starts peak tourism season
Update: Mar 21, 2024
As the weather in the South starts to get hot, tourists tend to prefer island beach tourism. Therefore, it is predicted that Phu Quy Island will become a “hot spot” in the coming months, which is also the time leading up to the traditional saying “in the third lunar month, the old lady goes to the beach” and coincides with the holiday of April 30th - May 1st, 2024.

In a chat with Tuan Anh (living in Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh City) on Phu Quy island in the last Lunar New Year holiday, He shared that his close friends have agreed to return to Phu Quy Island when the weather is calm and the sea is peaceful. Having an experience on the island district last summer, this group of young friends was very impressed by the pristine and peaceful beauty, as well as the friendly and hospitable nature of the local people. Therefore, the upcoming trip is making everyone excited and planning to explore the scenery and enjoy the famous local cuisine of Phu Quy Island more fully.

Travelers waiting for transportation to Phu Quy Island.

As for Mr. Chien (originally from Da Lat, Lam Dong), he had planned to organize a trip to Phu Quy Island for the whole family spanning three generations, but since the Covid-19 pandemic, he has not been able to do so due to concerns about seasickness. Recently, through various media channels and social networks, the “gem island” of Binh Thuan has become even more attractive to tourists as the time of “in the third lunar month, the old lady goes to the beach” approaches. Mr. Chiến mentioned that this time he is determined to arrange the most convenient time, which is during the holiday of April 30th - May 1st this year to take his family from the mountain town out to sea for the first time to experience the island district…

In the area of the island district, there are also many historical sites and attractions that attract visitors .

Located about 56 nautical miles southeast of Phan Thiet city, it can be said that Phu Quy Island is gradually becoming a destination desired by most visitors to embark on a journey to discover the distant island. Especially with the expressway routes passing through Binh Thuan province, such as Dau Giay - Phan Thiet and Phan Thiet - Vinh Hao, which have been put into operation, significantly reducing the travel time to the “resort capital”. Furthermore, the transportation from the mainland to the island district is also more convenient than before thanks to modern and comfortable passenger transport vehicles invested by enterprises, such as high-speed boats: Superdong-PQI, Superdong-PQII, Phu Quy Express, Tuan Chau Express II…

Phu Quy Island, despite its small area of about 17.82 km2, boasts numerous national-level historical relics (3) and provincial-level historical relics (7), as well as scenic spots with a wild and unique beauty, surrounded by small islands. The Triều Dương Bay stands out with its white sandy beach and clear blue water, Cao Cát Mountain features the Linh Sơn Pagoda with rock formations shaped by wind erosion, the Flagpole asserts the sovereignty of the homeland… With the allure of this remote destination, in 2023, Phú Quý Island welcomed over 166,500 visitors, compared to 95,300 visitors the previous year. Even in February of the current year - during the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Rat 2024, despite unfavorable weather conditions causing disruptions, passenger transport vehicles still operated 162 trips at both ends of the route, transporting over 31,460 passengers, with nearly 9,300 tourists visiting Phu Quy Island.

Recently, in the announcement of the ferry schedule on the Phan Thiết - Phú Quý transportation route and vice versa (second replacement) from March 15 - 31, 2024, the Phú Quý Port Management Board stated that passenger numbers continue to rise on weekends. Therefore, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, there will be 8 - 10 ferry trips departing from Phan Thiết to Phú Quý and vice versa to meet the travel needs of both locals and tourists, etc. It is forecasted that as we enter April towards the peak summer season of 2024, tourism activities in Phú Quý Island will continue to be lively with a high increase in visitors due to the attraction and “hot” status of this destination.

No plastic waste brought to the island

In Phu Quy Island, a campaign against plastic waste was recently launched, urging tourists not to bring plastic waste to the island. This is seen as a practical activity aimed at completely eliminating plastic waste on the island. The campaign has mobilized the entire island district to join hands in the fight against plastic waste, encouraging tourists not to litter in the sea or bring plastic waste to the island.

Translated by My Thien

BTO - - Mar 20, 2024