Traditional offering ritual takes place in Hue
Update: Jun 11, 2010
The Nam Giao offering ritual, part of the Hue Festival 2010, took place on Nam Giao esplanade in the central city of Hue on the June 9 evening.

The event, which drew the participation of tens of thousands of local people and tourists, is one of the traditional rites under the Nguyen Dynasty featuring the desire for prosperity and peace to the nation and favourable weather.

Building on the success of previous festivals, the Offering Ritual this year was precisely restored its ceremonial process as it had been in the feudal era of Vietnam.

Nam Giao Esplanade is an open-air monument in the south of ancient Hue Citadel. The model of architecture bears both the religious and political significance of Oriental feudalism. It was built in 1806, based on the dogma of heaven fate of Confucianism. The structure of the terraces also shows the misunderstanding deriving from old thoughts on the Universe of the prior times: circular heavens and square earth. The esplanade has been restored and recognised by the UNESCO as the world’s heritage since 1993.