Female artists "add colour" to Ho Chi Minh City exhibition
Update: Jun 20, 2012
The International Women's Artists Council (INWAAC) opened its 10 th exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City for the first time from June 21-27.

The exhibition titled "Her presence in colours" is a chance for domestic artists to introduce and promote Vietnamese culture and tourism to international friends.

Artist Dang Thi Duong, who co-chairs the exhibition, said 212 women artists, sculptors and lecturers in fine art from 23 countries and territories around the world will be involved in the exhibition.

Themed, "A new direction", the exhibition reflects a new way of expressing the insights and views of female artists to other cultures around the world.

It is an opportunity for visitors to examine the beauty of compassion and humanity, the challenges women face in daily life and their concerns about society, Duong said.

Nguyen Thi Quang Vinh, who is a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, was the first Vietnamese artist to be invited to attend the INWAAC exhibition in Australia in 2004. She said that through the medium of colour, women artists express a unique view of the world, with their gentleness and concept of love, happiness and peace and their awareness of the role they play in the new era.

Vietnamese culture, its beauty spots and craft villages will also be featured at the exhibition, which will leave international friends with a strong impression of the country.

First established in 1999 in Bangkok , the INWAAC is a non-governmental organisation funded by voluntary contributions from its members. Malaysian artist Yuen Chee Linh, one of the INWAAC's founders, has been busy linking up with branches of the organisation in other countries such as China , Japan , the US and Vietnam.

INWAAC's goal is to have a closer contact with women artists around the world, to share their insights into life and foster creativity in this new age of cultural development and global cooperation.