Cat Tien relic attracts thousands of tourists
Update: Aug 23, 2012
Although it hasn't yet been exploited for tourism, Cat Tien archeological relic in Cat Tien District of the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong has still managed to lure thousands of tourists on a monthly basis, reports TTXVN.

According to the administration board of the site, there have been nearly 60 tourist delegations visiting the site since January.


The relic is located on the left side of Dong Nai River stretching over 15km from Quang Ngai Commune to Duc Pho Commune of Cat Tien District. It is an archeological complex with many mysteries yet to be unveiled.


Due to an accidental discovery in 1985, it has been through eight excavations since 2006. Vietnamese archeologists have found a complex of temples, tombs and around 1,140 gold, silver, bronze and ceramic artifacts belonging to the Brahmanism religion. Especially, experts so far have found the biggest pair of Linga-Yoni objects of worship in Southeast Asia at the site.


These artifacts have helped prove that this is a forbidden area for religious sacrifice. It is estimated that the relic was built from the fourth to ninth century and was influenced by Indian civilization and had close relations to Oc Eo and Champa cultures.


The venue is suitable for cultural/spiritual tours accompanied by an eco-tour to Cat Tien National Park which is on the right side of Dong Nai River. However, its tourist facilities are in poor condition with no attached services so the relic's administration board has struggled to manage the large number of tourists flocking to the site.