Viet Nam listed in top long-haul destinations for UK holidaymakers in 2013
Update: Feb 26, 2013
(TITC)- According to the British website, the famous Hayes & Jarvis travel agency has announced a list of top ten long-haul destinations of UK tourists in 2013, of which Viet Nam rates the seventh. The result based on the bookings of UK tourists at Hayes & Jarvis from October 2012 to January 2013.

1. Mauritius (2012: 6)
2. Mexico (5)
3. Kenya (-)
4. New York (1)
5. Hawaii (-) 6. Egypt (-)
7. Viet Nam (-)
8. Tanzania (-)
9. Thailand (2)
10. Dominican Republic (-)

Last year, Hayes & Jarvis identified Viet Nam as a raising star in the international tourism market, and in recent months, Viet Nam has surpassed Thailand to rate 7th in the list, thanks to the opening of direct flights between Viet Nam and the UK end of 2011 and attractive tourism products especially tailor-made tours, exploring heritage and beach spots in Viet Nam.

New York remains one of the most attractive long-haul destinations, however the top positions belong to Mauritius and Mexico. The 4 and 5-star resorts of high quality and competitive prices have helped these two countries to be the first choice of UK tourists.

Kenya rates third on the list as a result of the effect of blockbuster of TV series about the continent of the famous British naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, luring TV audience flocking to East Africa.

The competitive-priced tours also promoted UK tourists to Egypt's Red Sea which increase by 31%, bringing this country back to the top after three years. Dominican Republic is the only Caribbean entry in the list, while the demand for the three traditional destinations of Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua has declined because the airport tax that customers must pay when flying to these countries increased.

Thu Thuy