Phu Yen promotes tourism via seafood festival
Update: Feb 19, 2014
Phu Yen Province will organize the Seafood Festival 2014 late next month, which is touted as a channel for the province to promote its tourism.

According to the festival’s organizers, the average income of people in Phu Yen Province was quite low with only VND27 million per year. Therefore, the provincial government expects that the festival can boost tourism development.

Though Phu Yen Province has many tourist attractions such as O Loan Lagoon, Da Dia Reef, Da Bia Mountain, Xuan Dai Bay, Cu Mong Lagoon, Triem Duc hot spring, and traditional craft villages as well as many recognized historical sites, the number of tourist arrivals is still small.

According to the provincial government at the press briefing held on Sunday, the Seafood Festival 2013 is scheduled for March 28-April 2.

Phu Yen Province is known for its biggest fleet of tuna fishing boats and 29,000 lobster cages. Its total seafood volume reaches 60,000 tons each year.