Specific cultural characteristics of Tay ethnic group in Quang Ninh province
Update: Mar 04, 2014
Long Tong festival, a special festival of the Tay ethnic minority group, has taken place at Dap Thanh commune, Ba Che district, the northern province of Quang Ninh.

The festival reflects the desire to have good crops and health. So the festival encourages people to participate in production and economic development, build new rural area and reduce poverty; and help local people apply advanced techniques, contributing to improving their productivity in crops and livestock, and bringing high economic effectiveness.

Local ethnic groups offered trays of local specialities to gods to thank them for the crops and to ask for their blessing, so local people can enjoy favourable weather conditions and have a comfortable and happy life in the New Year.

The highlight of the festival was the rice transplanting contest which showed deep ploughing lines and straight transplanting lines.

The organizing board of the festival presented the first, second and third prizes to teams.

Folklore games such as nem con (a game in which boys and girls throw cloth balls) and tug-of-war, were also held during the festival. Boys and girls also came to the festival to join in folk dances, sing love songs, and make friends.