Viet Nam continues to be an attractive destination for international tourists
Update: Mar 13, 2014
  (TITC) - According to the General Statistics Office, the number of int’l visitors to Viet Nam in the first two months of 2014 increased dramatically over the same period last year, which shows that Viet Nam continues to be an attractive destination for international tourists.

The average int’l visitors per month in the first two months of 2014 gained 809,100 arrivals (equal to total number of arrivals in 1998), the highest level ever. The growth rate of the last 2 months recorded 33.4% over the same period of 2013, higher than many other sectors of the economy.

The above result is a good sign for the tourism sector heading towards a new record of 8,000,000 int’l arrivals in 2014 (7,572,000 arrivals in 2013). While the global economy has not recovered, even some countries still face decline and customers reduce their spending, the target number of 8 million int’l visitors in 2014 is more meaningful to the sector.

The int’l visitors in the first two months increased highly by all purposes of trips, and there are also some remarkable changes in visitor structure by purposes. Specifically, the number of visitors by tourism purpose accounted the highest for 61.3%, up 33.4% comparing with the same period of 2013. Visitors for business (investment, trade, and working) accounted for 16.7%, up 32.2%. This result is due to positive signs from Viet Nam's trade and investment activities with foreign countries since last year. Visitors for relatives accounted for 16.6%, up 34.1%. Visitors for other purposes (study, health…) also increased 35.3%, the highest growth rate among all purposes of trips.

Another noticeable point is tourism export turnover which has been increasing fast and accounts for over 2/3 of total service export turnover of Viet Nam. Tourism export turnover will contribute to national balance of payment, foreign exchange reserves, national liquidity and financial security, contributing to stabilize foreign exchange rate and to strengthen public trust in the national currency.

To attract more tourists to Viet Nam, relevant authorities and travel businesses should enhance to promote Viet Nam’s destination; to preserve cultural and historical relics, beautiful landscapes and world heritage sites; to limit the fraud and overcharging against tourists…

Pham Thanh