Ethnology Museum ready for Children's Day
Update: May 30, 2014
The Museum of Ethnology offers fun for young visitors this weekend as part of International Children's Day.

The two key activities, My Hometown's Seas and Islands and Folk Songs with Children, will enable participants to learn more about Viet Nam's seas and islands, popular folk music from the northern region and other heritage symbols.

Nguyen Thi Thai Hoa, who works at the museum, said "joining the events, children can try to pitch flags to position Viet Nam's islands on a mute map, study information and draw to express their dream about the seas and islands," she said. "They can also play folk games using sea shells."

Craftsmen from Ha Noi's Thanh Oai District will also demonstrate how to make toys from bamboo, including puppets with swords, swinging puppets, fish, pin wheels and bamboo phones.

Child models will also showcase traditional costumes from Viet Nam, South Korea, and Japan.