“Lotuses stories” photo exhibition
Update: Jun 23, 2014
As many as 41 works by Korean artist Lee Sang Bok are on display at the “Lotuses stories” photo exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre, No 49 Nguyen Du street, Hai Ba Trung district, Ha Noi.

Artist Lee Sang Bok currently works at a Hanoi-based Korean School. He is deeply devoted to photography. Having fallen in love with Korean lotuses over the last 15 years, he has created many beautiful works of art featuring the flower and won a lot of awards domestically.

The lotus has a similar significance to Korean people as Vietnamese. It is a limitless inspiration for Korean art and an interesting ingredient for cuisine.

Korean lotuses are not exactly the same as the Vietnamese varieties. In particular, the flora seen through the lens of artist Lee Sang Bok symbolize Korean stories in all four seasons.

Some of the works are original photos, while others have been processed by Photoshop software. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the typical changes of Korean lotuses in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Nature, people, bees and butterflies are also depicted in the images on display.

The exhibition will run from June 20-29.