Vietnamese cuisine shines in London
Update: Jun 24, 2014
Vietnamese specialties were introduced to foreign friends during the annual “Taste of London” festival that took place at Regent’s Park in London from June 18-22.
Visitors follow the performance of chef Bobby Chinn

“House of Ho” restaurant – run by chef Bobby Chinn – brought to the event typical dishes of the three regions of Viet Nam, such as “Bun bo Nam Bo” (Southern beef noodle) and “Nem cuon” (Spring roll), attracting many visitors.

Meanwhile, “Thuy’s Viet Kitchen” booth owned by My Hanh introduced her self-made sauces with special Vietnamese flavours.

Visitors to the event also had a chance to try famous foods and drinks of various countries including the UK, Italy, France, China, Thailand and Mexico, while directly watching chefs performing their work.

After 10 events, the “Taste of London” festival has become an much-awaited occasion every summer in London, creating an opportunity for countries to popularise their culture and tourism.