TripAdvisor names 95 attractions in Hanoi
Update: Jul 02, 2014
TripAdvisor, the US’s premier travel website, has rated the best 95 attractions in Hanoi in 2014 based on the reviews from people who have visited the capital city of Viet Nam.

The Hanoi Ca tru Club tops the list with most reviews saying they had an enchanting cultural experience when listening to ca tru (ceremonial singing).

Ca tru, also known as Hat a dao, is an ancient type of music featuring female vocalists. It is a complex form of poetry found in the north of Viet Nam using lyrics written in traditional Vietnamese poetic forms. It was recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding in October 2009.

Hanoi Old Quarter, which comprises nearly 40 streets packed with shops selling all kinds of goods, comes in second.

It is followed by the Viet Nam Women’s Museum and the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology. The Thang Long Ca Tru Theatre, the Temple of Literature and Hoan Kiem Lake are also among the list.

Earlier, Hanoi was also named the cheapest destination for a city break this summer in the website’s fourth annual TripIndex Cities.

A city break here will cost visitors 155.30 USD for a one-night stay in a four-star hotel during June-August, including round-trip taxi transportation, cocktails for two and a two-course dinner paired with a bottle of wine.