Admiration of sunset on Thu Bon River
Update: Jul 11, 2014
Hoa Hong Travel Company in Hoi An has launched a tour to admire sunset on the Thu Bon River to give tourists a glimpse on culture and landscapes of Quang Nam Province. As the last golden rays shed light on the water, tourists will indulge themselves in romance with shimmering sceneries on the river, corn fields and images of fishermen working on the river.

Potato snack Chic Chips will be prepared on board together with some finger foods made by the Hoi An Hotel and selected drinks to serve tourists. Moreover, travelers will relax with massages for foot, shoulder or neck by Ginger Spa staff.

From the first stop at Duy Hai Fishing Village, the cruise will elbow its way through numerous fishing boats anchored on the river to help tourists learn more about the waterlogged-land culture and daily life of locals. Tourists will know how fishermen prepare for offshore fishing at nighttime.

Then tourists will continue drifting back to Tra Nhieu Fishing Village at dusk. Golden shimmers over peaceful river sceneries should be recorded behind the lens of tourists’ cameras.

In Tra Nhieu, tourists will have a chance to take kayak or wooden round boats with locals to experience and approach life of fishermen there. Then, a further 150-meter walk in the village will take excursionists to an old house that has for three generations been making handicrafts such as sleeping mats, bamboo baskets and fishing nets.

In that house, tourists will have fun with bai choi – a traditional game similar to bingo accompanied by Vietnamese traditional folk music. Then they will be entertained with ho khoan singing to comprehend more about traditional culture of the villagers.

Pham Vu Dung, director of the company, said that the tour will be an amazing experience, giving tourists a quick perception of the beauty of nature and people in Hoi An in particular and on the Thu Bon River’s valley in general. The tour is a combination between cruise and community tourism to promote a new and potential land for tourists.

Tickets are priced from US$25 to US$40 per person. For more information, tourists can contact or