Traditional crafts of Cham ethnic people in Ninh Thuan on display
Update: Jul 25, 2014
As many of 29 photographs, 184 historical artifacts and some scientific documents about the outstanding traditional crafts of Cham ethnic women in Ninh Thuan province, are currently on display at an exhibition in Ho Chi Minh city.

The exhibition which is being organized by the Southern Women’s Museum opened on July 23 and will run until the July 30. Entitled “Traditional crafts of Cham ethnic people in Ninh Thuan province”, the event highlights the position and role of women in preserving and promoting the traditional culture of the Cham ethnic minority group.

Most Cham now live in Ninh Thuan province whose officials are seeking ways to help preserve their diverse cultural identity. The traditional crafts of Cham people in the province have long since disappeared with only some pottery, textile and traditional medicine villages surviving.

Director of Southern Women Museum, Nguyen Thi Tham, said that women play an important role in the family and production in the traditional culture of the Cham minority. The culture includes the production of traditional crafts, now preserved by the Cham women over recent years. Cham women have always played an essential role in the management and production of traditional crafts. The women are the mainstay of the community and are responsible for the creation, maintenance and preservation of the cultural values within the community.