Preserving H’re traditional ethnic culture
Update: Aug 08, 2014
H’re ethnic community in Quang Ngai province possesses a unique traditional culture. As the most special character of the culture, the folk songs of H’re ethnic people such as Ta leu and Ca choi, as well as traditional instruments, including Vo roat and Tuc chinh, are currently being preserved.

According to Doctor Nguyen Dang Vu, Director of the Quang Ngai Department for Culture, Sports and Tourism, the H’re traditional culture reflects spiritual values imbued with the national identity of Central Highlands region.

At present, folk song clubs and cultural houses in Ba To, Minh Long and Son Ha districts, are attracting young people from the H’re ethnic minority. Thanking the clubs for, maintaining the folk songs and traditional musical instruments, H’re ethnic people have presented the best of their traditional culture through musical instrument and song performances at the recent festival of gong and folk songs of ethnic minorities in Quang Ngai.

In the mountainous district of Ba To, where many artisans have taught younger generations to play traditional musical instruments, artisan Pham Van Su is one of a few H’re people who can make and use the ethnic group’s traditional instruments. Nearly 80 years of age, he has devoted himself to preserving and promoting traditional cultural values through teaching younger generations.

“I want to teach traditional instruments and fork songs to younger generations, to preserve H’re culture, although the younger generation now isn’t interested in traditional music. But I will devote all my strength to transmit my knowledge to younger people and that will be my success,” artisan Su said.

The gong and folk songs of ethnic minorities in Quang Ngai are facing the threat of falling into oblivion, due to impacts from modern life.

The preservation and promotion of the traditional character of H’re people aims to keep alive the unique cultural values of these groups and contribute to the development of Viet Nam culture and national character.

Local authorities in Ba To, Minh Long and Son Ha districts have recently taken an inventory in order to to rank forms of culture. Meanwhile Quang Ngai province has also asked local authorities in the province’s districts to organise cultural activities, festivals and contests to promote delight among local audiences and build national cultural character.