Exhibition features clothing patterns on women’s costumes
Update: Oct 15, 2014
An exhibition on clothing patterns for the traditional costumes of women in the South of Viet Nam opened in Ho Chi Minh City on October 14.

More than 150 photos and 80 objects on display feature the techniques of weaving, dyeing, and pattern designing of Cham and Khmer people and ethnic groups along the Truong Son range and Central Highlands regions.

Speaking at the opening, Museum’s Director Nguyen Thi Tham said that the making of a piece of beautiful cloth with unique decorations is the result of skilled hands and the creativity of women weavers.

She noted the patterns were familiar to the living environment, daily activities, and religious practices of local weavers.

The patterns and weaving techniques are varied among each group; for example, Ta Oi and Co Tu people are fond of using glass beads to form geometric shapes while patterns on cloths of E De, Gia Rai and K’Ho people are often made by coloured threads.

The exhibition, held to promote Vietnamese cultural essence, will last until February 1, 2015 at Southern Women’s Museum, 202 Vo Thi Sau street, District 3.