Ha Long Bay – Viet Nam exceeds expected number of visitors
Update: Nov 25, 2014
Ha Long Bay – Viet Nam, was named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, has experienced a sudden surge of cruise participants in the past couple of months. Pattaya Daily News reported 30,000 passengers joined a cruise around Ha Long Bay during the earlier part of the year.

To provide for the growing number of visitors who go to Ha Long Bay, My Way Travel has created new tours to attract new customers. The new tours for Ha Long Bay are optional and are available through the website. The tours come with 30% to 50% discounts depending on the package chosen. My Way Travel prioritizes travelers who want to cruise Ha Long Bay. The natural beauty bestowed on Ha Long Bay has turned it into a hotspot for travelers around the world.

Ha Long Bay, literally means ‘descending dragon’, is one of the most famous destinations not just in Viet Nam but also the rest of Asia. Situated in the province of Quang Ninh, is only 170 km from the city of Ha Noi. The founder and president of New Seven World, Bernard Weber, stated that the beautiful land and sea scape of Ha Long Bay is a great reassure that nature bestowed upon the world.

Inaugurated into the World Natural Heritage list on the 17th of December 1994 by UNESCO, Ha Long Bay has been bestowed with clear and calm waters, pristine beaches, beautiful limestone formations, islands and islets, and caves which take different shapes such as Wooden Stake Cave, Pelican Cave, and Cock Islands.

There are floating villages and dozens of fish farms where guests can get a taste of fresh and delectable seafood. Among many beautiful destinations are the Sung Sot and Virgin Cave, both found on Bo Hon Island. The two caves are famous among guests because of their towering stalactites that jut out of the caves’ ceiling.

To explore and learn more about the different islands around the bay, guests are encouraged to go on boat tours. Aside from cruising, guests can enjoy shopping at the Ha Long Market or push their luck at the Ha Long Bay Casino. Guests can enjoy a multitude of Viet Namese fruits, snacks, coffee, and different herbal drinks. Ha Long Bay covers a vast area flanked by the clear, emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, which makes it a prime spot for all sorts of water sports. The beautiful, natural land and sea scape, unique rock formations, and culture remain the same despite much human activity in the bay.

Upon arrival in Ha Long Bay, guests can hire boats to travel around the bay for some sightseeing. A visit to Poem Mountain, Tuan Chau Island, and Dau Go Cave are regarded as beautiful sculptures of nature. Aside from beautiful landscapes, guests can visit Cua Ong Temple and Yen Tu Pagoda, two of the most popular places of worship in Viet Nam. Adventurous guests can ride a boat to Co To Island for stunning landscapes, astounding coral reefs, and scuba diving.

Ha Long Bay has entranced millions of tourists all over the world with its magical landscapes and sheer natural beauty. My Way Travel guarantees that each guest has the time of their lives. Guests can get a discount or a better deal when they book online through the official website. Customers can get discounts of up to 50% off. The Ha Long Bay tour aboard the Paradise Cruise only costs $120 to $160. Other junk cruise ships are available through the website. Guests can visit the website for more details about costs, schedule, and more information about the tour packages offered.

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