Vietnamese heritage photo exhibition opens in Da Nang City
Update: Dec 03, 2014
On December 2nd, an opening ceremony for the Vietnamese Heritage photo exhibition took place at the University of Science and Technology – the University of Da Nang, in the central city of Da Nang to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Viet Nam Cultural Heritage Day.

The event creates an opportunity for students in the university and local people to understand more about the Vietnamese land and people, especially photographic arts and special photos from the Viet Nam Heritage Photo Awards.

The 100 photos on show, which were selected from more than 4,400 entries to the Viet Nam Heritage Photo Awards 2014, depict Viet Nam’s typically lively, natural, cultural heritage, bringing visitors to landscapes around the country with beautiful scenery and varying cultural identities, habits and customs. This will help to contribute to cultivating more love for the nation among students and the youth in the city.

The exhibition will run until December 5th.