Launching Viet Nam tourism promotion channel in Youtube
Update: Jan 29, 2015
(TITC) - In recent years, through websites of Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), information on Vietnamese culture, country and people; tourism tours, routes and services; and plentiful typical tourism news, events and activities nationwide are introduced widely to numerous domestic and foreign tourists.

In order to strengthen Viet Nam tourism promotion in the media, VNAT has Viet Nam tourism promotion channel built in the social network Youtube at This is the development in accordance with general trend of the digital age. This channel will contribute to meeting demands on watching tourism news, events and attractions of domestic and foreign audiences and at the same time diversifying information channels for tourists when learning about Viet Nam tourism. Accessing this channel, internet users can watch free video clips promoting Viet Nam tourism with high quality image and sound. Reviews and comments from audiences about tourism events, attractions are also noted to improve and enrich this new information channel of VNAT.

Besides Viet Nam tourism promotion channel in Youtube, tourists can access the official websites of VNAT for more information on Viet Nam tourism, including:

Thu Giang