Chinese travel agencies survey tourism services in Khanh Hoa
Update: Mar 19, 2015
From March 16th to 19th, the Khanh Hoa Tourism Promotion Information Centre, in coordination with Hoang Tra Tourism Company, is conducting a Chinese FAM (Familiarization) trip of more than 20 big travel agencies to survey specific tourism products in Khanh Hoa in order to build more tours for Chinese tourists in Nha Trang.

During the period, the group will visit Hundred Egg Mud Bath Park, Labixa sea diving, Vinpearl land, island tours and luxury hotels to design complete tours.

In 2014, the Chinese tourist market in Khanh Hoa grew by 17.6% from 2013. In addition, some airlines are promoting the launch of scheduled and charter flights from some Chinese provinces and cities to Cam Ranh.

The market is expected to rise sharply in 2015 because of many high-income tourists with four to five-day stays at luxury hotels in Khanh Hoa.