Seminar about cultural heritage and tourism in responsibility
Update: Mar 24, 2015
With two main contents “Increasing more awareness of cultural heritage and tourism in Viet Nam” and “Viet Nam Tourism Year – Connecting some heritages”, the EU Project will organize the seminar “Tourism with responsibility and cultural heritage”.

The event attracts some representatives from Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism; the UNESCO in Viet Nam; Project of the EU; some Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; some museums and heritage zones.

The seminar will focus on some main contents such as general view of cultural heritage in Viet Nam; Tourism in responsibility; cultural heritage and connection; situation and challenge for some destinations such as Trang An, Phong Nha-Ke Bang, Citadel of the Ho Dynasty, some relevant issues of tourism in responsibility at some cultural heritage zones and responsibility for some tourism products and cultural heritage.

It is affirmed a relationship between cultural heritage and tourism. It is a relationship to build an orientation of exploitation in cultural heritage value. From that, it helps develop tourism and build some policies, which contributes to maintain and develop some cultural heritage values.