Grand Hotel gets five-star certification
Update: May 11, 2015
The Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism has officially recognized Grand Hotel Sai Gon in downtown HCMC as a five-star hotel. This is the third hotel under the management of Saigontourist Holding Company to meet five-star standards.

Launched in 1930, Grand Hotel Sai Gon is one of the oldest hotels in HCMC and Viet Nam as a whole. The hotel has three façades with one on Dong Khoi Street, one Ho Huan Nghiep Street and one on Ngo Duc Ke Street.

It has 230 rooms overlooking the Sai Gon River. What makes Grand Hotel Sai Gon special is its restaurant system which includes Saigon Palace restaurant which can serve 200 guests at a time, Grand Hall restaurant with a seating capacity of 450 people and Chavigny restaurant where 100 customers can dine at the same time.

Situated on the 20th floor of the hotel is Grand Café that can serve around 250 guests in peak hour. Grand Café is actually a combination of bar, restaurant and coffee shop with an open-air section, an air-conditioned area offering a panoramic view of the downtown area, and an airy VIP area overlooking the romantic Sai Gon River.

The hotel’s well-invested spa offers various options for guests.

The hotel’s extended area that meets five-star standards was put into service in late 2011. In 2010-2014, the hotel gained several encouraging achievements such as a rise of 111.2% in revenue, from over VND87 billion in 2010 to VND183.86 billion in 2014, a gross operating profit surge of 103.5%, from VND35.4 billion to VND72.14 billion, and a 71.2% rise in tax payment to VND30.2 billion.

Its guests also rose strongly, from 24,464 in 2010 to 45,871 last year.

Those achievements resulted from the hotel’s effort to meet changing demands of guests and to apply advanced technology to staff and facility management to increase their efficiency.

Grand Hotel Sai Gon has flexible pricing policy which can change depending on seasons and market conditions, focuses more on high-end guests, boosts online sales, and launches promotions to stimulate demand.

According to the board of directors, the five-star certification will allow Grand Hotel Sai Gon to expand business, and contribute to the development of the Saigontourist brand and of the hotel sector in HCMC as well.

Grand Hotel Sai Gon is located at 8 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, HCMC. Tel: 083 521 8483.