Seoul promotes tourism in Ha Noi
Update: May 15, 2015
The Seoul Metropolitan Government held an exchange on May 13 to introduce its tourism potential to Viet Nam travel companies and tourists.

A representative from the Seoul Metropolitan Council, Lee Eun Ju, said seven among top 20 countries with the highest number of visitors to the RoK come from Asia, of which Viet Nam records a 21% growth rate, trailed by Thailand (25%), Hong Kong (China) (40%) and China (42%).

To attract more tourists to the city, Seoul has built several tourism development plans and support mechanisms, including certifying outstanding tourism products and launching tourism promotion programmes.

The exchange proved a traditional modern and dynamic Seoul that boasts huge potential for tourism development with many attractive amenities.

Last year, around 470,000 Vietnamese people visited the RoK, a year-on-year growth of 20%.