Long Thanh folk show launched
Update: May 15, 2015
(TITC) – Cheo Ha Noi Theatre has launched a unique art performance which combines Cheo (Vietnamese Popular Theatre) and water puppetry to serve audiences.

Cheo is a form of stage performance that originated in the Northern countryside. The word Cheo means “lyric of folk ballads, proverb”. Cheo includes dance, music and popular stories.

Water puppetry is a also form of folk art. Puppets are made of wood and coated with waterproof paint. They are controlled on the lively water stages by the artists who must stand in water behind the stage door.

As time went by, Cheo were gradually closely linked with water puppetry and became the music, language, stories of water puppetry.

To enhance the attractiveness of the performance “Long Thanh folk show”, Cheo and water puppetry are simultaneously performed on a multi-functional stage which includes a wooden floor for Cheo performance and a pool of water for puppetry performance.

“Long Thanh folk show” is part of project for preserving and promoting traditional art performance of Cheo Ha Noi Theatre, including some excerpts of Cheo and folk shows.

Thu Thuy