Marvelling at the limestone karsts of Ha Long Bay
Update: Jun 09, 2015
If there is one 'best' place in the world that you should travel to in 2015, it is Ha Long Bay, according to influential travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.

In its most recent publication ‘The Big Trip’ listing the best 15 travel destinations, journeys and experiences for 2015, Lonely Planet has cited Ha Long Bay as the 2nd top destination.

“Whether you soak it up from a beachside restaurant or take on the waters in an old school junk, you’ll have to visit a couple of times to see the many colours of the limestone,” Lonely Planet writes.

“The clusters of limestone islands loom over crystal blue water, and none look exactly the same.”

Lonely Planet is one of the largest travel guide book publishers in the world. Its books are aimed at backpackers and other budget-conscious travellers.