Lai Chau preserves culture through community tourism
Update: Jul 14, 2015
Ban Hon commune in Tam Duong district in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau is applying community-based tourism models which have proved effective in increasing local residents’ incomes as well as raising their awareness of environmental protection and cultural heritage preservation.

Ban Hon comprises approximately 540 households, which are home to Lu and Mong ethnic minority groups.

Since being recognised as a community-based cultural tourism site in 2013, the commune has attracted a large number of domestic and international visitors, welcoming one or two groups of 3-30 tourists every week.

On a visit to the locality, tourists can discover local traditions, trades and customs, including weaving techniques, ethnic costumes and cuisine, folk games, and the practice of teeth dyeing.

According to Lo Van La, Vice Chairman of the communal People’s Committee, there is a need to focus on investing in infrastructure upgrades and the creation of tourism services in order to boost community-based tourism.

Additionally, authorities should set up tourism skills training courses for local residents and run communication campaigns on the preservation of traditional cultural values.