Japan, Viet Nam discuss solutions to preserve Ha Noi’s Old Quarter
Update: Jul 31, 2015
In the frame work of an international cooperative programme between Viet Nam and Japan through the “House Vision Viet Nam-Japan 2015” project, recently, Vietnamese and Japanese architects have gathered in Ha Noi to discuss solutions for the preservation and sustainable development of Ha Noi’s Old Quarter till 2030, with a vision to 2050. 

The programme aimed to assess factors related to housing space such as community, land, residents, and construction works in Ha Noi’s Old Quarter and devise solutions to preserve its cultural heritage values.

During the discussion, Japanese architect Sadao Tsuchiya, head of the co-ordinating board of the project House Vision in Asia presented housing models which are suitable to Ha Noi’s ancient streets and have been successfully applied in Tokyo.

The Japanese architect said the project trends towards building safe, healthy, people and environmently friendly, and multi-purpose houses.

He added that the project was very successful in Japan, a country which has limited housing space. It has also been developed in many nations in Asia like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Viet Nam.