Thanh Hoa targets 403 million USD from tourism by 2020
Update: Aug 04, 2015
The north central province of Thanh Hoa has set its sights on earning 403 million USD from tourism by 2020. 

Pham Dang Quyen, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, said the province’s goal is to attract from 200,000-250,000 international tourists and 8-9 million local visitors by 2020 with combined revenues of 403 million USD. 

The province, however, will face an uphill battle in improving infrastructures, diversifying tourist products and developing a civilised tourism environment. 

By the end of June 2015, Thanh Hoa had welcomed 3.3 million holidaymakers, up 16.2 percent against the same period last year, 57,700 of whom are international tourists, up 26 percent. 

Tourism revenue reached 3.36 trillion VND (154 million USD), up 22.7 percent, 37.9 million USD of which was from international visitors. 

Thanh Hoa currently has 672 accommodation establishments with 15,000 rooms, 85 of which are one to four-star hotels. 

The Sam Son Beach alone has over 400 accommodation facilities with 12,000 rooms. The FLC Sam Son Beach and Golf Resort has more than 600 five-star rooms.